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Ü Green Long Life Vehicle
(With Jet Engine)

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Ü Green Long Life Vehicle
(With Jet Engine)
      - Introduction
      - History
      - Goal
      - Why a Jet Engine
      - The Proposed Jet Engine
      - Vehicles
      - Green Fuels
      - Stage 1
      - Stage 2
      - Stage 3

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Stage 2 - Develop the Green Long Life Vehicle Body

This would be the development of a small step van that could be switched from right to left hand drive, or from left to right hand drive. This vehicle could be used with a normal gasoline, diesel or green drive train. In this way on vehicle could be produced to meet markets world wide. At the end of stage 2 this body could be sold in a normal gasoline configuration. Currently the largest market is the postal delivery market. Nothing exists to replace the LLV.in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central and South America do not have a good option for new or used right hand drive postal delivery vehicles. This vehicle would be guided by the G3 standard set out by the US postal Service. I do have a copy of the specification given to manufacturers who submitted bids in the G3 competition. It is in text format and difficult to read. I might be able to get a copy in word. I have the contact information for the people who were involved with managing this project. I also captured the domains used by the US postal service for this competition. The G3 vehicles were to be built on a dedicated production line on a constant basis. The US postal service would purchase vehicles continuously. The idea was that a small vehicle manufacture would make 10,000 vehicle a year to replace vehicle, as they needed to be replaced. In this way a production order of 10,000+ would not be needed replace vehicles damaged in an accident. AMG was the favored winner, but they made a postal vehicle that was so large you needed to be a marine to reach the mailbox. I discussed the G3 with postal delivery people they all HATED it. They all said they like the LLV better. I have been driving the KubVan for 3 months. It is a unibody, and is GREAT!!!!. The unibody allows the KubVan to be VERY easy to get in and out of with the perfect height to put mail in a mail box. Without a frame a unibody can accommodate a real step van seat or any other seat. It looks like postal workers want a KubVan that is large enough to carry a full days worth of mail. According to the G3 document the rural mail carrier will need a vehicle up to 150% the capacity of the LLV.

Build New LLV

Option 2 - Build New Unibody LLVs

Build a vehicle with a unibody using the doors and seat mounts and all other parts from an LLV. This would mean that ONLY the body would need to be produced initially. Because the doors and all other hardware is the same as the LLV they could be serviced by current LLV garages. Later if volume dictates other hardware could be produced. This hardware could be sold to current owners of LLVs when they need repair. All LLVs are being rebuild by Canada Post because they are unable to purchase new ones.

It would be nice if the body could be modular such that body repairs could be handled by local body shops. Small repairs should not require the whole vehicle to be dismantled. My 2 KubVans can be used for ideas. The white 009 KubVan is built with sheet aluminum, and the 1985 Blue KubVan has an C beam subframe. It is VERY INTERESTING. The beams are bolted together using plates to allow the frame to change height. This is VERY SIMPLE and has lasted for 20 years, and millions of miles.

A good option for a drive train would be a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in normal gasoline, Diesel, and Flex Fuel. The diesel and flex fuel options are not available in New York, Massachusetts, California, Maine, and Vermont. The Flex Fuel and the Diesel engines do not pass the emission standards for these states. This would give the vehicle a shorter turning radius than an LLV, larger gross vehicle weight, and a smaller vehicle weight. This would mean more load capacity.

The vehicle could have different lengths and height options. If it is the same length as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This means

- be available in Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive.
- shorter turning radius by 1.3 feet than an LLV.
- it would have a larger cargo capacity than an LLV.
- it would 1 - 2 foot longer cargo area than an LLV.
- the cargo area would have an internal height between 5 - 7 feet.
- 8 inches wider and 11.5 inches longer than the LLV.

(If the Jeep Commander is used it would be 13.5 inches longer and 13 inches wider.)

This should be large enough to carry enough cargo. If not the vehicle could just be longer at the rear.

Give a Guy a Buck to Help Make the First Green Long Life Vehicle

More Information about the Green Long Life Vehicle - (With Jet Engine)
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