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Ü Green Long Life Vehicle
(With Jet Engine)
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      - Why a Jet Engine?
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Ü Green Long Life Vehicle
(With Jet Engine)

Ü HipTop
VOIP and PC Sync Projects

Why a Jet Engine?


Why a Jet Engine?

A Jet (Turbine Engine) is the simplest and most complicated of engines. A Turbine Engine is just a fire and a fan. A Turbine can run on ANY Fuel that is not solid. This means that a Turbine can run on any Liquid or Gas Fuel or any combination of the liquid or gas fuels. A turbine engine can run on a tank with a mixture of waste veggy oil, cleaning solvent, gasoline, with hydrogen mixed into the intake air.

Why do Other Vehicles not use a Jet Engine?

Jet Engines have not been used in vehicles successfully before because they do not have any torque. Jet engines can produce a large amount of energy from a small light engine but they react slowly. The ONLY reason a Jet can be used in a vehicle now is Hybrid Technology. In a hybrid vehicle the electric motors produce the torque on demand, and the turbine produces the energy to charge the batteries, and maintain the speed of the vehicle. They key to this system is to pick a hybrid drive that has an electric motor that is large enough to drive the vehicle on battery alone.

Will the Vehicle Shoot Hot Air Out the Back?

NO! lol

The vehicle will not be propelled by a jet of hot air. The jet engine will be have a shaft output like a turboprop engine. I have found a small turboprop engine that is perfect. This engine only needs a small amount of development.

A Mail Truck that shoots hot air out the back has probably been done. Is that a Postal Plane? lol

Jet engines have been used for years to power generators. The turbine engine will produce a high velocity stream of hot air. This hot stream of air turns a second turbine blade attached to a shaft. This shaft wil be connected to the hybrid drive. It is a simple system. When the batteries need more power the turbine engine turns on. When the batteries are charged the turbine shuts down.

Why Would I want a Turbine in my vehicle?

Turbine engines power the best modern electrical generators because they are built to just run without much maintenance. The turbine engine we are looking at can run for 30,000 miles before it needs any service. Every 30,000 miles the engine only needs a new set of bearings and maybe injectors. This turbine is small and designed for unmanned aircraft. Turbine engine not built for manned flight are not expensive due to modern manufacturing techniques. Turbines for manned flight are expensive because they need to undergo extensive testing. If an auto turbines stops you can still drive 10 - 40 miles. If an aircraft turbine stops you crash. Crashing is much worse than calling a tow truck.

What Fuels Can I use?

You can use any fuel that is not solid. The vehicle will have 3 tanks. One for dirty waste veggy oil, one for cleaned veggy oil, and one for any other liquid fuel like gasoline, biodiesel, kerosene, heating oil, etc. It must also have a tank for some gas phase fuel like natural gas or propane, or hydrogen.

This means you can use waste free veggy oil from a deep fat fryer, or veggy oil you grow at home, or gasoline, or natural gas or hydrogen. You can even mix different fuels in tank 3. You can buy gasoline if it is cheap one day and diesel the next day and mix the fuels in the tank. If the vehicle is needed for emergency purposes it can use any fuel that is available. If a fuel station is out of gasoline you can fill up with diesel or go to the grocery store and buy veggy oil. If you have a hobby farm you can even grow your own seed and make your own veggy oil with a small cheap electric press powered by the electricity produced from your Green Long Life Vehicle.

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